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Vibrant Activities, Relevant Teaching, Caring Staff


We strive to provide children with engaging programs, helpful instruction, and a loving environment in each of our youth programs.  Students are energetic, so we strive to provide activities that meet their varied interests.  Youth are great at learning, so we build our programs to tap into that potential.  Our dedicated staff takes a genuine interest in each child.  We keep our staff to child ratios as low as possible to give them the best attention and instruction.




Awana is a youth program for children in Kindergarten-Ninth grade.  Our Awana clubs meet on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:45 PM during the school year. Each year we schedule additional activities for kids and families to enjoy.  Some of our previous favorites have been Family Fun Night, the Awana Grand Prix and Christmas Store Night.  

Teen Activities

The teens from our church as well as friends meet regularly for fun activities, meaningful friendships, and to be stretched in their walk with God.  Monthly outings offer unique opportunties for recreation with friends as well as challenging teaching.    

Sunday School

Our Sunday School program is built on decades of teaching experience, quality curriculum and a vibrant evironment in which students, young and old, are challenged to grow.  We are so convinced of the importance of Biblical education, we continue to offer classes for all ages - even adults.

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Dundee, NY  14837

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