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Awana is a Youth Club offering fun games, challenging study, and engaging group training.  At Faith, Awana Clubs are offered for kids in Kindergarten through Ninth Grade.
Sparks is an activity filled program for children in Kindergarten through Second Grade.
T&T is designed to keep Third through Sixth Grade students busy with fun.
TREK is intended for Seventh through Ninth Grade students who are serious about their learning and serious about having a blast.  
A normal Awana night includes a rotation of exciting games played in our spacious, multi-purpose room, Handbook time which allows each clubber opportunities to learn and earn Awana Bucks (aka Shares), and a Large Group Training period.  Each week, clubbers engage in exciting lessons and intereraction with trained leaders.  Our clubs enjoys outstanding leader:learner ratios (often one:one) which means your child gets excellent attention and help to do their best from a leader that knows them well.  
Our Awana clubs meet Wednesdays from September through March.  Clubs meet from 6:00 to 7:45.  Clubbers should enter the building through the rear entrance.  Clubbers can come a little early and enjoy some indoor kickball before the opening ceremonies.   To find out more about Awana, contact us using the form below or call 315-279-1172.
Due to the number of children exiting at closing, the number of vehicles moving in the driveway, and the poor visibility at night, we have developed a plan to ensure the safe departure of clubbers. 
Parents should pick up their children via the front entrance. Leaders will be present to assist you and your children when the clubs are dismissed.  Parents are welcome to come in, but we ask that all clubbers exit via the accessibility ramp near the front entrance.   Parents are also welcome to wait in line in their vehicles.  Leaders will call your children as you arrive and direct them to your vehicle to ensure their safety during their departure.  

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13 Harpending Ave.

Dundee, NY  14837

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