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Health Updates

Due to the immense outpouring of love and concern for Rob and Beth, we will be providing health updates through this page.  This will allow the Worthingtons to spend their vital energy focused on Rob's health and their time together.  We invite you to check back often and thank you for understanding that Rob and Beth are unable to provide updates to individuals at this time.  

Latest Update

Funeral Arrangements:
Rob's Funeral will be at Slate Belt Nazareth Baptist Church on Friday, August 25 at 1:00 PM.  
The address of the church is 1620 Church Rd. Pen Argyl, PA 18072. 
A committal service will be held the next day at 11:00 AM. Limerick Garden of Memories,  44 East Arcadia Dr. Limerick, PA 19468  (610) 495-6231.


Rob passed into the presence of his Lord during the night.   Information regarding services will be posted here as soon as those plans are set.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Beth and the family.


Rob has chosen to do hospice at Keuka Comfort Care Home. He has a beautiful view of the lake. The staff is wonderful. Family and friends can come and go anytime. Rob is being kept comfortable. He went out on the porch in the wheelchair this afternoon. His personality came out when he broke away from Beth and Bobby to push himself as fast as he could down to the other end of the porch. Then he wanted to get back in bed. His bed is on wheels and he can be taken outside bed and all! Pretty cool. Rob and Beth want to thank all the men who came to the apartment today to carry Rob down the 28 steps to help get him in the car!


Rob and Beth met with the hospice team today as they need to make arrangements for Rob’s care and comfort. Continue to pray as they seek wisdom regarding these details. They continue to be grateful and thankful for all God has done and is doing for them and through them. Their son, Bobby, is planning to come back to NY again this weekend from FL to assist Beth in Rob’s care.



Today is Rob’s birthday. Beth was praying he would make it to his 64th birthday! Rob and Beth were touched by the amazing love the church showed to them as they went out of their way to come and sing to Rob and help him eat cake and ice cream. Rob is grateful for all of the birthday wishes, text messages, cards, and phone calls he received in honor of his birth and the 64 wonderful years God has given to him.


Rob had a follow-up appointment with his primary doctor’s office. They do not want to schedule any more blood draws or office visits. Rob and Beth were encouraged to contact palliative care and/or hospice. The short trip to the Dr. office was difficult for Rob. He was able to get down the steps on his butt. However, upon his return back to the apartment, he was too weak to make it up the steps. Beth had to call and make arrangements for two of the young men from church to carry him back up.

8/1/23 – 8/6/23

More visits from friends and family. Rob and Beth continue to be grateful for all God has given to them
and the time they have together. They are encouraged by the love friends and family have shared with
them during this interesting path God has put them on. Their children have one by one headed back
to their homes to take care of their families. With this new little burst of energy, Rob was able to help Beth
register the new car and get it on the road so she has a vehicle again. They were even able to enjoy a
meal out at a diner. (On 7/17/23, just before Rob was taken to the ER for the first time, Beth was in a car
accident. A car pulled out in front of her and totaled their car. She was taken to the ER. Fortunately, she
did not have any broken bones. She only suffered cuts and contusions and all the injuries that come
from airbags and seatbelts.) God has wonderfully provided them with an amazing new car – a 2021 Ford
Explorer. You know Rob is not feeling well when he has Beth do all of the driving. However, he was glad
to be able to get out in the sunshine a few times this week.


Rob’s surgery was a success. The vein has been plugged and the bleeding has stopped. He received another two bags of blood and remains on pain medications.



Rob was taken back to the ER and admitted into the hospital. They have discovered where he is losing blood. Surgery has been scheduled for Monday to plug the vein. He will remain in the hospital until then.

7/24/23 – 07/28/23

Rob has enjoyed all of the visits from family and friends! Thank you for the encouragement you have been to him during these days. You seem to have given him a nice boost of energy.

Rob was able to go to church. This may be one of the last times he is able to make it to a church service.
He was not strong enough to stay for the Sunday School service but was thankful for the opportunity to
worship together with the FBC family.



Rob has a bit more energy today and he was released from the hospital. Their daughter Sharon came toNY on the day of Rob heading to the ER and has been here to help. His other children are coming infrom PA, FL and WY to help out during this difficult time.



Rob received a bag of blood today because his hemoglobin levels were low. Rob and Beth had a goodlaugh when they found out that Rob is actually O- and not O+ as Rob had thought he was his entire life.He joked with the nurse that he was glad to hear he is the universal donor. The nurse quickly respondedwith, “nobody wants your blood at the moment.”

Update 7/19/23 – 7/21/23

On Wednesday Rob's condition worsened to the point that Beth took him to the ER in the evening.Thursday morning Rob was admitted to the hospital.  The medical staff worked diligently to assist with Rob'scurrent symptoms while also exploring a course of treatment for Rob's overall condition. The doctors determined that Rob's cancer had spread rapidly and now was affecting areas beyond his kidney.  Whilethey hoped to identify appropriate treatment, it became apparent that such treatments would not yieldthe necessary benefits to offset the damage to his body.  In short, there is nothing the doctors can do totreat Rob's rare form of cancer and they anticipate that he has only a handful of weeks left before thecancer wins out completely.  The doctors recommended care to preserve Rob's comfort and have madearrangements for care to continue at home.  While Rob and Beth are devastated by this turn in Rob'sbattle with cancer, their faith in the Lord remains strong.  Please pray for ongoing strength from theLord and that His peace will accompany them during the upcoming days.  


Notes of encouragement are welcome:

Rob & Beth Worthington

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13 Harpending Ave.

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